My Art



    I started drawing with a Wacom Tablet in the summer of 2013 and I became very fascinated in digital art. I soon advanced from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Photoshop in only a couple of weeks. I noticed that I was able to create slick logos and pixel art. My hobby became more frequent in my life as I created art almost every weekend. I then opened my YouTube channel and now I have 60+ subscribers which I think is a true accomplishment.




    I create my own music and I use Logic Pro X and post it to my SC page. I don't use any pre-made sounds or loops and create my own melodies. I have some classmates who also make music but to be honest, it's obvious who's better... ;)

My Life



    My name is Robert and I am a young artist who loves to animate and create art. In middle school, I introduced myself as "Larry." People began to believe my name was Larry. After 7th grade, I told people my real name is Robert. I'm not too sure why I wanted people to call me Larry...